A Television and Film Production Company founded by Lanette Ware-Bushfield in 2017, A WWB Production, Inc. develops and produces original, innovative and compelling entertainment that shines a light on underrepresented and marginalized communities of colour who rarely see accurate depictions of themselves represented on screen. The company also produces podcasts and documentaries and offers mentorship and coaching services for those seeking next level success.

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A podcast dedicated to The Artist:

the unbridled, the strong and free!


Unleash and unload with us on

The Mother Load found on:


Apple, Google Podcasts, iHeart Radio, Spotify and Spreaker.com 


An interactive, multi-cultural science fiction television drama set in the parallel universe of 2035!

Coming soon to a small screen near you!


A WWB Production, Inc. creates and helps produce original, innovative television, theatre and film productions. 

Contact Us at:  monarch72017@gmail.com



Wow! In just one session Lanette provided me with invaluable insights into speaking with confidence. Her encouragement to acknowledge my accomplishments, experience, leadership skills and public persona was invaluable. Lanette's generosity of spirit and her mindset of gratitude are inspiring and infectious.

Joan Jenkinson, Executive Director, The Black Screen Office, Toronto, Canada

Compassionate, Dedicated and Inspiring. Lanette will ensure your success and make you an unstoppable force!


Raevin Larue, Founder, Raevin Larue Media

Toronto, Canada

I truly loved Lanette's practical, hands-on workshop which helped build my public speaking skills. A few tools and tricks I found extremely helpful were: body language communication, eye contact and simple relaxation techniques. After my consultation, I can truly say I am more comfortable while holding everyday conversations, presenting speeches and interacting with clients. 

Thank you so much Lanette for helping me step out of my comfort zone with confidence!


Natasha MacKenzie, Senior Executive Nutritional Consultant

Toronto, Canada

e. It's easy.

At a time when I was feeling quite anxious about a recent career success and hoping to take advantage of it for further growth, Lanette reminded me to embrace and celebrate what I had achieved, remember the work I had done to get to that point and trust that it would be enough. I was able to breathe a little easier and I was so grateful to have met Lanette when I did.


Konstantina Mantelos, Actress / Filmmaker
Toronto, Canada